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The copyright on the book below has reverted to me and to Terri Beckett, and is no longer available from the original publisher. It will be republished in due course, in ebook and in print, so watch this space…

BookCoverPreview.doNETTLEFLOWER by Terri Beckett & Chris Power

It is the winter of 1046, and on the Marches between England and Wales there is an uneasy peace.  Leofric is the young thane of Staneleigh, a holding close to the Welsh border. He is mourning a dead bride, but now finds himself falling for Regan, his childhood friend, who is herself in mourning, and intends to take the veil. The attraction is mutual. Dafydd, attached to her household, is a traveling bard, but unknown to Leofric and Regan, also an undercover agent for the Welsh extremists who raid across the border. Dafydd’s loyalties become divided because of his growing love for Edwina, a girl in Leofric’s household.

Add to that a spoonful of Welsh raids, a pinch of the political machinations of Godwin Earl of Wessex, and a heaped ladleful of Leofric’s meddling household, stir well thirty times deosil and let the dust settle.

Romance Studio Review –
This writing duo of Terri Beckett and Chris Power has written an excellent medieval romance… There’s plenty of action and great dialogue to keep the story moving. There are villains who won’t take no for an answer and those determined to rob and pillage just because the two groups of people living on this border are different. It was a hard book to put down, keeping my interest from first page to last – awarded 5 Hearts


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