Terri Beckett  –

Jody Lynn Nye –

Susan Sizemore –

With thanks for their invaluable help with the background details of the yet to be written Snake In The Grass;

The Wildlife Center of Venice –


2 Responses to Links

  1. Mary says:

    OMG – it’s you!
    Hi Chris! it’s me – Mary G T Webber – and coming over to the UK very soon – I still have your address somewhere, thinking of seeing you if I can, and walking round Salsibury once more. So awesome that you’re writing with Terri. Seems like decades ago – Hey, it was! Hope very much to see you,

    • WOW!! Mary! *hugs*! Yes, it’s me, and yes, I’ve been writing with Terri, but she’s hit a long dry patch at tghe moment, due mainly to some really difficult health problems. We have ideas, though *g*. My own solo writting has sort of taken off in the M/M field these last few years, where I write under the name of Chris Quinton. I even have a website – – and I’m on FaceBook in that name as well. And you can email me at chris.quintonwriter@ymail dot com! Terri’s on FaceBook too.

      It is great to hear from you after all this time. How are you? What are you doing these days? And if we can meet up for a chat some time, that would be so great! LOL we have so much to catch up on.


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