Moving Soon and Other Updates…

My Domain Mapping with WordPress is due to expire on April 25th, 2012, so I am busy creating a new site on Blogger – [hopefully!]. I am not the most tech-savvy person, and even though the instructions are designed to be foolproof, that’s no guarantee they are Chris-proof!

In other news, I now have the copyrights back on Argent Dreaming, so I’ll be reviewing my options in a few months. I will be rereading and editing it and submitting it elsewhere. Just not sure where yet!

Depending on whatspare time I have – if any – I’ll possibly resume my occasional Flash Fic. Either on my own or as part of a group of flashficcers *g*.

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Flash Fic Friday!

Another 100 Words for Flash Fic Friday!

The marina’s lights painted the lakeshore white, and rain ran like fingers through Julie’s hair, flooded over her heated skin, fell splashing around her feet. Its drumming echoed her beating heart, the rhythm of her pulse. He was a powerful solid presence at her side, linked to her by more than their clasped hands, and every nerve in her body responded to him.

Anticipation was a heavy throbbing need that would soon be fulfilled. It didn’t matter that her clothes lay discarded on the jetty, along with the warnings that kelpies haunted the lake. He led her toward the water…

* * * * *

For more great 100 word interpretations of the above pic prompt from my friends in the FFF padded cell, clicky on the link to the Flash Ficcers Friday Blog for links to all the FFFiccers… These will vary from sweet to full on erotic in various combinations of m/f, m/m, and probably multiple hookups as well *g*.

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Flash Fic Friday!

This is a new venture for me as Chris Power *g*; 100 words to a photo prompt every Friday. There’s about a dozen of us in the group, writing across genres and heat levels, and generally having a lot of fun.

* * * * *

Purse – check.
Dress – check.
Bra and panties in place – check. Though her panties were wet with her cream and his spunk, and the delicious warmth of orgasm still fizzed through her blood. Ella sighed regretfully as she climbed out of the window. It was a pity she had to slip away so soon, leaving her lover comatose and sated in his bed. But it was close to midnight and she had places to be.
The grass was cold and damp under her bare feet – she dropped a shoe…
No time to stop for it.
Ella fled.

                                                                 * * * * *

For more great 100 word interpretations of the above pic prompt from my friends in the FFF padded cell, clicky on the links… These will vary from sweet and sensual to full-on erotic in various combinations of m/f, m/m, and probably multiple hookups as well *g*.

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Patricia Logan:
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Muffy Wilson :
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Jp Archer :
Rhea Archer :

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My refurbished site is up and running, complete with a blog, so I’ll be doing my best to find enough hours in the day to keep on top of it. As well as, you know, actually write something. My WiP page doesn’t get any smaller by just thinking about it.

Our unseasonably but wonderfully warm spring weather has taken a turn back to decidedly chilly, even though the sun is still shining here in Wiltshire. Yesterday was St. George’s Day, and Salisbury always does something to celebrate it. We have in our Museum a pair of rather fragile processional effigies that have carried around the city on this date since medieval times, Saint Christopher and Hob Nob.

Saint Christopher

Some years ago the local Art College recreated exact replicas to take their places outside, and these have pride of place in the Market Square every April 26th.

Hob Nob

Hob Nob is a decidedly mischievious/ chaotic UnChristian entity *g*. He often appears in various folk traditions under different names and appearances. Morris Dancers sometimes have a Hob Nob, and the famous Padstow Obby Oss [Hobby Hoss] is still going strong on May Day.

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