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More Paperbacks…

As well as turning Argent Dreaming [and eventually¬† Nettleflower] into paperbacks via Createspace, I’m also working through my self-published gay romances written as Chris Quinton. Most of those are titles which have been returned to me following the collapse of … Continue reading

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Very Belated Update

Ahem. I think it’s about time I brought this site up to date. It’s been two years. *TWO YEARS*! That’s bad, even for me… Still, my stories have just about escaped from hanging in limbo, and I can say that … Continue reading

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Mystical Glastonbury, troubled dreams and Tarot cards, a psychic gift she doesn’t want, and a tall, blond Frenchman who isn’t what he seems. Add in a murderer on the loose, and Caitlin’s long-postponed return to the sleepy country town will … Continue reading

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Sometimes You Just Have To Do It…

Go on a writing retreat, that is. Which meant I packed a case and took myself and my laptop off to a B&B in Ryde on the Isle of Wight for five days, and it’s been great. I’ve broken my … Continue reading

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Argent Dreaming – Release Date and Excerpt

  ARGENT DREAMING Release Date September 22nd from Silver Publishing – Pre-Order Now! Cat has issues with Glastonbury, the town at the heart of what once was the Vale of Avalon. The power that lives there broke through her barriers … Continue reading

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